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Our School Philosophy

Mosaic was founded in 2009 by Dr. Lisette Caesar, who had a vision to create an equitable and inclusive school for the children of Harlem, a community that she loves so much and is dedicated too. An avid literacy advocate, she was devoted to connecting  books and authors with readers and she worked tirelessly to support families.   


Mosaic Preparatory Academy’s vision is to develop scholarly leaders who are respectful of themselves and their community by providing all scholars with leadership tools gained from a rigorous instructional program that promotes equity, justice and the joy of learning and leading social change.



Our mission is to provide a diverse learning environment that challenges scholars intellectually through the development of leadership skills through the Instructional Leadership Framework. We place the highest priority on building future leaders who demonstrate care for themselves and their community. We will develop leaders who meet high academic standards through the use of the Next Generation Learning Standards.  MPA’s aligned curriculum focuses on equity and social justice by meeting the needs of each learner to build their leadership capacity.

Kids on a Trip

What is ENGAGEMENT at Mosaic Preparatory Academy?

At Mosaic Preparatory Academy, all scholars are intellectually engaged in content through well-designed learning tasks and activities that promote opportunities for curiosity and joy that speaks to the identity and culture of the community-driven by student choice and voice aligned to the state standards. Our goal is to empower our scholars to see themselves in a diverse world and influence sustainable change that promotes equity and social justice. 

 Instructional Focus

Teachers will engage in a series of professional development activities and work collaboratively to reflect, plan, and differentiate instruction based on student data that is engaging and motivating to scholars. The latter will develop grade-level proficiency in reading and writing across the curriculum and increase performance on state and local assessments in our scholars.

Instructional Goal

By June 2023, there will be a 20% increase in the number of scholars who increase one level on the ELA and Math exam as determined by benchmarks provided through the NYCDOE Periodic Assessment. All teachers will engage in collaborative professional learning to analyze, monitor, and refine best practices with a focus on reading across content and vocabulary development to support student growth.