SEL:  Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning:  Education of the whole child is our priority and it begins with explicit teaching of skills focusing on self- awareness, self- management, social awareness, building relationships and good decision making to promote a positive growth mindset.  Below are  our 2 focus curricula that guide our instruction.  We have 2 amazing counselors, a fabulous social worker and physical therapist that support this work, individually and in small groups. 

Sanford Harmony

Harmony SEL incorporates multiple methods to teach positive relationships and create an inclusive classroom environment. Everyday Practices are a key component of the program, providing students with ongoing, supported opportunities to interact with peers and participate in dialogue and decision-making about issues related to the classroom community. The following elements make up Everyday Practices:

The Choose Creativity initiative empowers children and adults to build resilience, creative confidence, and social-emotional skills by engaging with the 10 Principles of Creativity.  At Mosaic we have carved out a specific time to teach SEL each morning using the Sanford Harmony units and structures with the Choose Creativity curriculum.  These practices are also used throughout the day when guiding and building community at Mosaic. 

Choose Creativity

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