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Welcome Back to the 2024 School Year!  

We are excited to partner together as a learning community.

No school on January 15th:  Martin Luther King Day

Join the community service projects!

At our trade mark school in Harlem, we work in collaboration with families and the greater community to ensure all our scholars meet their full potential.   We are excited to continue building on our status as a community school.  In the 2023-24 school year, we will be partnering with LINC to streamline our literacy programs in grades 3k- 5th.

Mosaic Preparatory Academy


141 E 111th Street 

New York, New York  10029 

Telephone:  212-722-3109

Fax: 212-722-3167

Young Lords of NYC

Our school celebrates a long history with our 

Harlem community. 

Daliz Vasquez, 

Native Puerto Rican

Ms. Vasquez, Principal 

Daliz Vasquez began her career teaching in 2007.  Her passion for bilingualism, dis-proportionality, and cultural responsiveness led her to pursue a position the South Bronx as a Bilingual Special Education teacher.  Ten years later, she began working as a Bilingual Special Education Specialist for the NYSED Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Centers.  In 2018, she joined the Manhattan Borough Citywide Office as a Specialized Student Support Lead, to support the development of comprehensive support for schools across  Manhattan.  In 2020, she was appointed Director of Special Education, supporting 272 schools to meet the provision of services for over 23,000 students with IEP's. In 2022, Daliz was appointed Principal at Mosaic Preparatory Academy, where she continues to lead the work fostering equality and cultural responsiveness in her school community.  

Mosaic shares a joy for learning that is unique!

Foundations of phonics.  Building words with letter sounds.

There is a lot of learning going on in our amazing library.

4th grade scavenger hunt on the patio.  Learning through collaboration.

5th graders playing football at lunch.

1st Grade independently reading. 

Scholars celebrating Career Day!

Learn more about us as a community school!  

Meet our partners.  

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Scholars celebrate our book vending machine.